Water activated polyurethane gel which can be used for curtain and area injection as well as for retroactive waterproofing of dilatation joints. Depending on the amount of water added, a highly elastic waterproof mass or respectively foam hydro gel is formed. It does not promote corrosion and is solvent-free.

Fields of application for KÖSTER PUR Gel include retroactive external waterproofing of areas with ground contact (curtain injection), injections in highly porous, jointed and cracked building materials (area injection) as well as for the sealing of cavities, pipe couplings, pipe and cable penetration, and joints in masonry, concrete and soils

Consumo: Depends on the field of application.

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tanica 2.5 kg (IN 285 002)

tanica 25 kg (IN 285 025)

fusto 210 kg (IN 285 210)



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